Blended Learning for Programming Courses

Over the last decade, blended learning has been growing in popularity as it has proved to be an effective approach to overcome various limitations related to traditional teaching approaches. As a result, a number of instructors have attempted to utilize blended learning to improve their students’ performance in computer science courses.

Getting Started with Data Science Specialties

On being asked about data science and their plan, current graduates often relate it with numbers, statistics, and computers. They are not clear on their thoughts and need guidance. This article is an explanation of numerous specialties and skills required in data science-related jobs.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are often used in the technology world these days, but what makes them each a unique technology?

Database professions and skills

This article covers skills and responsibilities required for database professions such as database administrators, database developers, and anyone else who works with databases.

Student assessment in a Computer Science class

student assessment

The good and bad of moving to Kubernetes

Infrastructure Saas