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Integration with OpenEdx LMS

2018-09-25 12:32:18 By:-Andrii Viitik

Andrii Viitik

Integration with Open EdEx LMS

We’re pleased to announce the release of integration Open EdEx API with DataCabinet`s NbGrader. Now you can export students' grades of NbGrader's assignments to Edx course assignments


  • Students e-mails on Nbgrader identical with students e-mails on Edx course
  • Assignments names on Nbgrader identical with problem blocks' names on Edx course
  • You must be an instructor of course
  • You must have to access API
  • Edx-score-api ( should be installed on Edx lms (ask your edx admin about this)

Getting api token

To request access to the edX Course Catalog API, you need a dedicated account with a user name that matches your organization’s identity. For example, if you are at an organization named Example, Inc., you need to create an edX account with a user name like Example. This enables edX to match your Course Catalog API request with an organization that is authorized to use the Course Catalog API.

To request access to the edX Course Catalog API, follow these steps.

  • Sign in to edX at with an account whose user name matches your organization’s identity, as described in Create an Account on for API Access.

  • Go to

  • On the EdX API Access Request page, enter the information for your organization. All fields are required.

    Company Name: The name of your company. Website: The URL for your company’s website. Company Address: Your company’s mailing address. This can be a street address or a post office box. Application Description: A brief description of the main use for your application.

  • At the bottom of the form, select the Terms of Service check box.

  • Select Request API Access to submit your request.

After you submit the request form, edX will review your request, and then edX will send you an email message approving your request or providing more information.

When you receive your approval email message from edX, follow these steps.

  • Go to

  • On the page that opens, enter the following information.

    Name: An identifying name that you assign to your application. Redirect URIs (optional):

  • Select Generate API client credentials.

The screen displays your application name, client ID, client secret, and any redirect URIs that you entered. Make sure that you record your client ID and client secret.


Go to nbgrader home '/tree' and open Type next strings:

      c.CourseDirectory.edx_auth_username = 'edx username'
      c.CourseDirectory.edx_auth_password = 'edx password'
      c.CourseDirectory.edx_users_ids = {'': 6}  # You may put dict of edx students ids into the settings
      c.CourseDirectory.edx_app_key = 'Your app key'
      c.CourseDirectory.edx_app_secret = 'Your app secret'
      c.CourseDirectory.edx_courseid = 'your edx course id'  # for example 'course-v1:edX+DemoX+Demo_Course'
      c.CourseDirectory.edx_domain = ''

Then save it file. In Nbgrader assignment manager click synchronize button with assignment name near your assignment.