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Why students love Lab.computer?

Eliminate complicated processes to set up a programming environment

Learn concepts practically without worrying about configuration

Get feedback directly on codes from instructors

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Students learn to code easily and effectively with Lab.computer

No need to set up. Work on coding from anywhere

Students don’t need to download and configure programming environments. Students can learn code from a browser.


Focus on concepts

Students’s learning is not intervened by configuring programming environments. Students simply focus on the concepts.

Get fast and incremental feedback

Students can get feedback on an assignment directly. Instructors can give feedback incrementally during a course without going back and forth between codes and messenger.


How does it work for students?

Step 1
Work on materials interactively

Students simply open a course and work on assignments in Jupyter notebook

Step 2
Submit and share assignments with instructors

Students can submit assignments without any action. All they need to do is to code on an assignment page.

Step 3
Receive grades quickly

Students can get grades in a minute with auto-grading.

Step 4
Receive personalized feedback from instructors

Students can also receive feedback and comment on an individual assignment from instructors.