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Lab.computer empowers instructors to teach programming skills and STEM education easily and effectively.

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Why do instructors choose Lab.computer?

Complex programming topics

Instructors can teach highly complex programming skills that require IT resources. Lab.computer enables every user to auto-save, quickly spawn, and auto-shutdown these setups.

Rich customization

Instructors can pick any hardware configuration (memory, CPU, GPU) and install any language, library, software, and background services. Students also have an option to learn configuration in Juypter Notebook.

Higher scalability

Instructors can run the most complex technologies at scale on any commodity hardware. They can also save money by ensuring a minimum service level.



Dr. Hasan Jamil,
Associate Professor

Computer Science Department, University of Idaho

I was surprised when the whole assignment was online within a week. Students were happy that they could focus on the database concepts and not worry about the setup issues. We were happy that we could finally auto-grade one of the most complex topics we teach.

Lab.computer helps instructors set up, create, grade assignments easily

Create an assignment with installable software

Instructors can install any software into Lab.computer to create assignments and share with students. Students don’t worry about downloading the same package.


No more work on students’ computer problems

Students can work on assignments on the browser. They will never ask instructors about setting up programming environments.

Easy to create assignments and questions

Instructors can easily create assignments on a notebook. Lab.computer offers a question bank to help instructors build assignments.


Automated grading and plagiarism checking

Instructors can grade a number of assignments instantly with auto-grading, and Lab.computer also checks plagiarism automatically.

Easy manual grading of program outputs

Instructors can grade individual assignments manually and give feedback to each code easily.


Seamless integration with leading Learning Management Systems

Lab.computer can be connected with popular LMS, such as Canvas, moodle, and Blackboard. Instructors. It will feed grades to LMS automatically.

How does it work for instructors?

Step 1
Create a course

Instructors create a course in Lab.computer.

Step 2
Create a notebook

In the course, instructors create a notebook for an assignment and course material.

Step 3
Add students

Instructors add students by inviting students via emails or sharing a link to the course.

Step 4
Release/collect assignments

Instructors release and collect assignments with just simple clicks.

Step 5
Auto/Manual Grade

Instructors can grade hundreds of assignments in a second and grade manually.

Step 6
Detect Plagiarism

Instructors don’t need to worry about plagiarism as Lab.computer detects plagiarism automatically.



All features plus
  • Access to up to 2 courses
  • Enroll up to 10 students per course
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All features plus
  • Unlimited access to courses
  • Enroll an unlimited number of students
  • Full support with content creation (Material & assignment conversion and question banks)
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