Our story

The Lab.computer project started when the web-based programming notebook project was gaining prominence. There was a clear need for an online system for doing machine learning and data-related work. This was because the data sizes were too big to handle on local computers. It's better that the compute environment also is on the cloud. But ML/AI was not the only application that desperately needed an online programming environment.

The other area where online programming environment is imperative is teaching software-related STEM subjects. Our team has experienced the problems with teaching programming topics in universities and felt the need for a better way to manage programming classrooms firsthand. Concepts that should take hours to learn would take days because of difficulties in setting up scenarios. On the other hand, teachers have a hard time running and grading student work developed in myriad student environments. The manual grading methods are tedious and hard to scale. Lab.computer team is committed to make it a pleasurable experience for all parties involved in this process: TAs, professors, and students.

We help instructors and students around the world