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Computer Programming Education Made Easy

Online IDE improves learning outcomes for programming and STEM education.

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No need to set up

Our IDE solution eliminates the need to create and download complex environments. All you need is a browser

Focus on concept

Students can learn practical skills and focus on concepts rather than configuration. Instructors can help students maximize their learning.

Quick and easy grading

Instructors can auto-grade a number of assignments instantly and give feedback individually. Students can get immediate feedback.

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“I was surprised when the whole assignment was online within a week. Students were happy that they could focus on the database concepts and not worry about the setup issues. We were happy that we could finally auto-grade one of the most complex topics we teach.”

Dr. Hasan Jamil, Associate Professor

Computer Science Department, University of Idaho

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What is

Setting up a programming environment is harder than the actual programming lesson—it’s time for We make teaching and learning to code easy and interactive. It’s easy to create and deploy programming lessons.

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Features supporting instructors and students at all levels

Browser-based coding platform

IDE (Integrated development environment) allows students and instructors to code on the browser from anywhere. There is no need to set up and download programming environment and resources into a local computer.


Access to more than 40 programming languages supports over 40 programming languages, and any language can be installed from the internet.

Automated grading and plagiarism checking

Instructors can grade a number of assignments instantly with auto-grading, and also checks plagiarism automatically.


Individualized student feedback

Instructors can directly give feedback on an individual assignment in a notebook. The student can see feedback with the codes on the assignment.

Seamless integration with leading Learning Management Systems can be connected with popular LMS, such as Canvas, moodle, and Blackboard. Instructors. It will feed grades to LMS automatically.